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about domada

We fuse East and West. We span old and new. Well punctuated through masterful juxtaposition, our pieces reinvent the traditional by marrying disparate shapes and materials. Designs of wide-ranging provenance and age are modernized in their new iterations. They become livable, one-of-a kind works of art that provide a satisfyingly soulful yet elegant texture to the spaces that feature them.

Domada is the Spanish word for “domesticated” or “tamed.” The inspiration for our animal-hide-shaped rugs stems from the desire to merge cultures and styles. We elevate the hide into a rich tapestry while imbuing the distinct, regional designs of the carpet with new life through transformation. This ethos is instilled in all of our work.

We leverage global connections and flea market fluency to create a collection of contemporary, vintage and antique pieces from the world’s best craftspeople. Regular travel to Morocco, India and Turkey allows us to partner with local tradespeople. Leaving no trove unexplored, we mine estate sales, second-hand retailers and private collections in the U.S. and Europe. As a result of these various resources, our products possess rich histories that pre-date their reinterpretation.

While our collection adopts the shapes of animal skins and hides, we do not harm the creatures whose forms we’ve borrowed. Customers can be confident that all pieces are handcrafted from natural, cruelty free materials.